The Wheel

wheel-whiteThis simple but effective illustration has been used by Navigators for more than fifty years. It helps Christians understand what they are called to do as disciples of Christ. Each part of this illustration represents a crucially important component of a vital Christian life.

The key to living a victorious, Spirit-filled Christian life is Jesus Christ as the Center and Lord of all we do. With Christ in control, life is balanced and effective. The Wheel illustrates this Christ-centered Spirit-filled life. Just as the driving force in a wheel comes from the hub; so the power to live the Christian life comes from Jesus Christ the Center. He lives in us in the Person of the Holy Spirit, whose expressed purpose is to glorify Christ.

The spokes show the means by which Christ’s power becomes operative in our lives. We maintain personal contact with God through the vertical spokes – The Word and Prayer. The Word is our spiritual food as well as our sword for spiritual battle. It is the foundational spoke for effective Christian living. Opposite this is the spoke representing Prayer. Through Prayer we have direct communication with our heavenly Father and receive provision for our needs. As we pray we show our dependence upon and trust in Him.

The horizontal spokes concern our relationship to people-believers, through Christian fellowship; and unbelievers, through witnessing. Fellowship centered around the Lord Jesus Christ provides the mutual encouragement, admonition and stimulation we all need. The first three spokes prepare us for passing on to others all that we have received from the Lord. This is accomplished through Witnessing, sharing our own experience of Christ and declaring and explaining the Gospel, God’s power to save.

The rim represents the Christian responding to Christ’s Lordship through whole-hearted, day-by-day Obedience to Him.

Use this illustration to gain understanding about important spiritual disciplines in your own life. What areas encourage you? What areas challenge you?

Why not sketch out “The Wheel Illustration” on a napkin or scrap of paper with someone you are discipling. Help challenge them to think clearly about how to be an obedient follower of Christ.