Bible Study

The Navigators have a long history of loyalty to Christ and the Bible. In the Bible exists a depiction of the world from God’s perspective.  It’s the way He sees and evaluates things.  It’s the place of His special revelation.  And in spending time at His feet, studying His word, we have the opportunity see things the way He sees them, so that His perspective becomes our perspective.  God’s Word renews our minds so that we might live in accordance with his truth and walk in faith and obedience to Him. THAT is why The Pasifika Navigators are committed to studying God’s Holy Word.

What is Bible study?

Simply put, Bible study is what it describes itself to be – the study of the Bible.  But what does that entail?  Is it merely reading a few verses, jotting a couple of notes and moving on with the day?  Is it setting the course to discover new territory – little snippets that perhaps nobody else (at least in your study) has stumbled upon?  Is it our daily dose of spirituality – a spoonful in the morning to check off our religious daily duty?  Is it merely something to help us feel better about ourselves?  Is it just the addition of more facts and knowledge?  Or is there something more to the study of the Bible?

The truth of the matter is, none of the above constitute “Bible study,” because none of them are engaged in the study of the Bible.  To study the Bible, that means we give ourselves to understanding it, not simply finding out how it applies to our lives.  It means that we must approach it on its own terms, not on ours.  It demands time and attention to be understood.  It sets the course of our study – not our curiosity.  It demands that we approach it in accordance with its nature, and the nature of its Author.

As Pastor John Frese puts it, “Genuine Bible study is motivated by an abiding love for God, driven by the acknowledged need to know Him better, and under-girded by a sense of wonderment and marvel as we discover more of Who our God is.  Genuine Bible study requires a spirit of humility, a contrite heart, an enduring posterior, and a mind enlightened and guided by the Holy Spirit.  Genuine Bible study is an expression of worship…careful attention to the divine words of our God and Savior, skillful listening to the voice of our Lord in His book.  Genuine Bible study is engaged in the pursuit of nothing less than God Himself.” (Week in the Word, (Navigator Regional Retreat) (unpublished, 1999)).

We want to help Pasifika students in Auckland and around the South Pacific to engage in the pursuit of God and to begin delight in the study of His Word.

If you are keen in beginning this journey you can find bible study resources here.